The Elevate Community Fund

Please join us in giving generously to those struggling after layoffs in the CX community.

Donate to the Elevate Community Fund

Help us raise money for our friends affected by the layoffs.

Apply for help from the fund. It will only take a minute.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we get the money?

We’ll start donating to individuals in $500 increments once we’ve raised enough and continue to donate to more individuals on a weekly basis thereafter.  (We’ll start with one distribution per person and hopefully be able to offer more later.)

Who will get money?

Any CX community member in good standing who has applied for help. We will do our best to help everyone, but that will always be dependent on how much we raise!

Can my company donate?

YES! We think anyone building products for CX teams should be an active participant in the community, and that includes donating to the fund.

Are you going to keep any of the money?

We will not be keeping the money. However some funds may be redirected to our ElevateCX Scholarship fund if a community member requests a ticket to our event.

What if I need more money?

We’re going to do our best to allocate all the funds we have to as many people as we can. We’ll update our policies and distribution model as we raise more money!

Who do I contact about this if I have more questions? Can I donate my help in any way?

Please get in touch with for more info!

Our Oversight Committee

An endeavor like this is a big risk, and we want to make sure we help as many people as possible while being good stewards of each and every donation. Our Oversight Committee guarantees eyes on all aspects of donations, distributions, and sponsorships.
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Ashely Hayslett
Mercer Smith
Matt Dale
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Matt Dale
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Please Donate and Share! We cannot do this without our community’s help! Thank you for being a part of the Elevate Community Fund.